This resource is dedicated to helping all sorts of people, regardless of their background, to gain more knowledge about financial markets, and, hopefully, develop new skills if they choose to participate in them. We scour the web in search of ideas and people who can further this goal. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

The primary focus of this work is the so called "Trading Systems". Simply put, a trading system is a set of rules of what actions to take, and, importantly, NOT to take, in order to maximize your profits. We are not going to bore you with enumerating various types and characteristics of all known trading systems, there is a large and growing number of online resources that go into great length on this subject. We understand that your time is valuable and that there is a very good chance, if you have read this far, that you have already visited some of them.

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Trading Systems Expo

Trading Systems Expo

Trading Systems Expo
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